Lois Club National Convention
Nashville, Tennessee, March 4
th through 8th, 2010

"I never met a Lois I didn't like."

The Lois Club is a group of women with a name-in-common, who meet four to five times a year for lunch. They enjoy the company of other women named Lois, who have suffered from the harassment of nicknames as children (i.e. Lo-ass, Lo-bottom) and the misspelling of their simple four-letter name such as Louis, Louise or Lewis. Most of the Loises are at an age where they no longer want to bake cookies for sales or become active in social issues. They just want to meet for lunch with other women named Lois, because Loises are nice people to know. The magic of this concept is evident in the growth of the loose knit organization. The purpose of this website is to enable more Loises to find each other, no matter where they live.

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